Why Your Company/Team SHOULD have Custom Gifts


Gifts are an important part of showing appreciation. From a more industrial/corporate point of view, you have a whole different objective when choosing a client or employee gift. You want to say thank you, but you don't want to give away all your profits either. Where is the middle ground?

Here are a few things to consider in helping you decide on the right gift.

1. Simple Appreciation - The reason you're giving a gift in the first place. Your business/team is your blood, sweat, and tears, but it doesn't happen without the help of your employees and your clients. A gift is just a small (or big) token to remind them how much they are appreciated.

2. Spreading Your Brand - Don't give a gift that screams "lame brand promotional key chain". Lets be honest... that is more of a gift for yourself, am I right? You give it in hopes that they'll carry it around with them everyday and show the world your logo bringing in more business. There is nothing wrong with giving a gift that people will use that has your brand on it if you do it correctly. Make it subtle and through word of mouth the same business referral effect can be achieved. Maybe even better.

3. Make an Investment in Your People - Whether it is your employees or your clients, they make an investment in you and your company every day. Do the same for them. Gifting is a simple way to create a positive relationship to show them they matter. Remind them why they love to work with/for you. (Because you are awesome!)

4. You don't want it to backfire - There are some situations where there are no written rules... but there is a realm of expectations. For example, at weddings it is customary to give a parting gift thanking the attendees for joining your special day. You don't HAVE to... its just nice and its been done enough that people tend to expect it now. Don't be seen as a cheap or a scrooge. While client gifts and employee gifts are by no means a requirement, some people may make the wrong assumptions if you overlook them. This in turn can make them feel unappreciated. Just take a second to ask "Is a gift expected?" and you won't be left empty handed when the moment comes.

5. One more reason to love you - You work hard to provide an excellent work environment and good client relationships. They know who they can depend on. Surely showing a little extra love in the form of an unexpected gift can't hurt, right? Extra brownie points are always desired!

6. Above and Beyond - Sometimes your exceptional service is enough to keep their attention, but what turns a satisfied client into an absolute lover of your brand? The answer is always going above and beyond what is expected. Break out of the status quo! 


Need some inspiration for custom gift ideas??
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